Shop local is something that you hear a lot about. It means to support local and small businesses. Realtors have state licenses, but they usually specialize in local properties. This is important for you as a buyer or seller for one simple reason, local knowledge helps you to get what you want. If you are buying a property, having someone who knows the neighborhoods you want to look at, where you are going to get your best bang for your buck and more is a great advantage to have. 

If you are selling, a local realtor is going to be able to help you properly review the market, what to list for, what to expect and more. They can also tell you what buyers are looking for at this particular time so that you know what your best options are. There is a lot to consider and working with a realtor gives you the best guidance and information. 

Why Go Local 

Buying a house in an area, even one you are familiar with, means having new neighbors, new routines you need to get used to and possibly, new laws you have to follow. While most cities and towns are similar, there are little differences that need to be addressed, things that can make a big difference when you are buying or even selling. Your ideal property as a buyer is going to meet all your immediate needs. 

However, if you are new to an area, how do you know what needs you will have once you purchase the property and how to address them? What are the trash days, does code enforcement have any expectations on the property, was all the work done under permits and approved? The more information your realtor can provide because of their knowledge of the area and knowing where to get the information is essential to having a successful transaction. 

When To Call A Realtor 

Call a realtor when you are ready to ask questions, not necessarily to take action. Even if you have a realtor in mind, you need to work with them beforehand to determine where you are at right now in the market and with your situation. Should you sell, why? Should you buy, why? This is why people need to look into what their options are before moving forward. 

A realtor who specializes in local residences can show you a neighborhood that has a major need for upgrades on the properties, but is still quiet and nice. That means, if you’re able to, you could get a bigger property for less and make the upgrades yourself. 

Top Questions To Ask

Discussing your options with a realtor is a great way to begin the process. Discuss your finances and current living situation, whether you rent or own and what you want to do. They can go over the best options available to you and what you should consider right now. 

  • Should I sell? If you own a home, the current market may not provide you with the best options to sell right now. However, your area may be different. Investors and buyers may see your area as prime real estate which means, despite what’s going on around the country, you may have an opportunity to not only sell, but get the price you want for the property. 
  • What can I buy? If you are focused on buying, after you have shown your options as far as finances, your realtor can help you determine what is within your price range and if there is a way to get you what you want, where you want and for what you want. That can be tricky, but a great realtor will help find you options. 
  • Where is the market at right now? Currently, the market is not in a great place for sellers or buyers as prices and interest rates are too high. However, there are signs that rates are going down as well as prices and if they both continue to do so, buyers will be highly motivated to get moving. If they find the property they want, it may be worth paying a little more now. 
  • What areas would you recommend? Think about what you want more than where you want to live at first. If you are interested in a larger property with a pool, and are focused on the more expensive side of town, you will have to pay way more. However, your realtor may be able to show you areas that are affordable and safe. 

Knowing your options is key when you are considering buying or selling. Working with a local realtor gives you major advantages in both situations. If you are not sure where to begin, a phone call with a local real estate agent is always a good start. This gives you a better idea of your options and what you have to work with.