What Decline (If Any) Should Home Owners Expect In Prices

It seems like when you turn on the news or go onto social media, the economy is always a primary topic of conversation. People want to stake their claim at being experts, offering opinions on the future. Most of the chatter of late has been more about how the housing market and the economy will [...]

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Equity Is At Its Highest Level Ever, So What Does That Mean?

You keep seeing headlines on the web about equity in homes and how it’s the reason most real estate experts feel we are safe from a housing market collapse. This topic keeps coming up and people are probably as tired of hearing about it as other topics constantly talked about. The truth is that equity [...]

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Why Interest Rates Are Not Scaring Away Buyers

Interest rates are on the rise and it seems to have turned the market. What was the hottest real estate market in memory, where sellers were getting 100k above asking price for certain properties, has now shown signs of cooling, all because of interest rates going up? People are concerned and not sure what to [...]

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Higher Interest Rates Turning Homeowners Into Investors

There’s a reason why people are told repeatedly to buy a home, as soon as they can, and build it up with a strong roof and so forth. It’s the safest way to protect your money. If interest rates go up that usually means a cost of living increase as well. Inflation has increased our [...]

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What A Realtor Brings From A Sellers Perspective

While it's easy for an expert or a professional to explain to you why you need expert or professional assistance, sometimes it's easier to understand or appreciate the benefit these people can offer by understanding the circumstances and challenges you may face if you try to do something on your own. A great example of [...]

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The Inflation & Shortage Opportunities Homeowners Are Missing Out On

It's difficult to make it through a day without having to hear about the labor shortage, material shortages as well as inflation challenges. It feels like every day presents something new that even the oldest people cannot recall having ever experienced in their life. No one within our generation has experienced a global pandemic, inflation, [...]

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Housing Marketing Recession Or Correction?

If you follow the national or even the Tacoma housing marketing you know that things have gotten a bit interesting, especially when you consider the demand and rise in home prices in recent years. Some areas have seen increases of over 20% per year, a record for some cities and states. While prices remain [...]

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8 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Selling Your Home

If the last several years have taught us anything it’s that we have to look at how a situation impacts us, not everyone else. Real estate is like that. While most claim to understand how it works, few do, which is why they make mistakes in investing, selling, buying and more. Realtors are a great [...]

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Why The Housing Market Is Different For Everyone

It’s difficult to go online and not find some type of information or conversation about the housing market throughout the country. Some parts of the country might see a recession, some might see a correction and some may not even see a slow down simply because of where they are located as well as a [...]

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Questions To Ask Yourself When Considering Selling Your Home

A drastic increase in home prices over the last five years or so has forced many homeowners to reconsider their position on selling or staying. In fact, millions of Americans have gone into early retirement because of a combination of the coronavirus pandemic and the inflation of home prices. Many have decided to sell their [...]

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