Will The Real Estate Market Turn By The End Of 2024?

Is the real estate market in a good place right now? That depends on who you ask. No one is a fan of interest rates but they understand why they are up and why what’s being done is being done. More on that later. The focus of the real estate market has changed in the [...]

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How To Treat Every Property Like A 5 Year Investment

The real estate market needs to shift its way of thinking. Investors, whether buying one property or several, have been looking at shorter returns for years. In fact, the idea of flipping property has become very popular. The concept is simple, you buy a rundown property for a low price and fix it up with [...]

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Is Now The Time To Buy A Home?

Do you really want to buy a house right now? You’re tired of paying rent and dealing with your neighbors. You want your own property, your own place to hang your hat. It’s a dream many have right now but unfortunately it’s not necessarily the best time to buy. Interest rates are up and that’s [...]

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9 Reasons Realtors Are Optimistic About The Market

Interest rates are up and it is keeping homeowners from selling their property quickly and at the initial asking prices. It’s a far cry from where the market was at a couple of years ago and there are no signs that things are going to change. However, you would not know that the market isn’t [...]

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10 Things You Need To Fix On Your House Before Selling

Fixing your home before selling it is never a bad idea. Three weeks of time and $10,000 can raise a property value by twice that or more, spending on what gets done and what else needs to get done. Every property needs work, it doesn’t matter if it’s brand new or was built years ago. [...]

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Expectations On Interest Rates Over The Summer

The most we’ve heard about interest rates of late is that they are still up. These high rates are impacting several markets, primarily the real estate market. The increased rates will raise the average new mortgage by hundreds of dollars a month, making it unaffordable for many who would like to purchase a new home.  [...]

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Should You Rent Out Your Condo Or Try To Sell It?

Own a condo? You’ve skipped a lot of headaches and challenges that homeowners have and currently are dealing with. While they do have some advantages you would appreciate, you’ve had an affordable place to live that has remained cost-effective with minimal repairs. Maintenance costs and needs for a condo usually are far more affordable over [...]

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Real Estate Mistakes Being Made By Those Retiring

You have to feel for those who are starting to or who are eligible to retire now. These people have worked hard and have seen markets go up and down over decades of craziness in our economy. It really is a gamble on hoping that you will retire at the same time the market is [...]

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What Really Is A Good Offer On A House

Looking to buy a home? Expect to make an offer if you are serious and the offer better be serious as well. People have this fantasy that you get to walk into an open house and offer 20% below asking price and get the deal done that day. That’s not how it works and the [...]

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9 Ways Sellers Can To Improve Their Homes Before Listing

Before you consider listing your home, it’s a good use of your time to walk around the property and see what areas need work. A large percentage of the people interested in your home are going to look to move in and live there immediately. Because of that, you want to make sure that the [...]

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