Are Your Neighbors Helping Or Hurting Your Property Values?

Neighbors, we all have them. Some of them are great, some of them are not so great, some of them just stay out of your way, and some of them are just annoying. A great neighborhood is one that is friendly but also clean and quiet. Each home is unique just as each neighbor [...]

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Can You Sell Your House Before The End Of The Year?

Home values are still strong and many properties are still listed at record highs. However, those properties are staying on the market a bit longer than before. Some are even beginning to drop their prices a little to try to get better interest on the property. While there is still plenty of interest in [...]

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The Real Estate Markets Biggest Challenges In 2024

The real estate market has not experienced many challenges in the last decade. In fact, if you look at what the markets have done around the country over the last 10 years, it’s nothing short of amazing. Not only have prices tripled or more in most areas, but the cost of living for these [...]

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10 Reasons To Sell Your House In 2024

Thinking about selling your home next year? People are not sure whether they can get good value for their properties this year because of inflated rates and a job market that is beginning to sag. If you are thinking about waiting until next year to decide whether or not to sell your home, you [...]

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Where Realtors See The 2024 Market Going

The 2023 real estate market has certainly been an interesting one. While the market is not as strong as 2022, it certainly has remained stronger than most would have expected. Where home prices were expected to fall 10-20%, some are actually up by that more compared to last year. The market has remained strong for [...]

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10 Tips To Follow To Sell Your Home In Under 90 Days

Selling your home can be a challenge, especially in a competitive market where interest rates are high and qualified buyers are becoming more and more scarce. Two years ago, someone could list their house and within three days, get an offer at or above asking price. Now, you have to wait longer as investors [...]

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How To Utilize 20k Before Selling Your Home

$20,000 is not a lot of money when it comes to real estate. That amount, while a lot of money, would not cover a downpayment on a new home and in most cases, would not even cover a downpayment on a condo. However, that amount of money does have a lot of value in [...]

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Will The Real Estate Market Pick Up This Fall?

How much have you read about the real estate market? Where it’s at, where it is going and why? So much has changed in the last twenty years and for those who have experienced it, the least you can say is that you received a first-class education on economics and real estate, especially between the [...]

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DIY Mistakes Homeowners Make When Selling Their Property

DIY or do it yourself enthusiasts love the challenge and fun of managing a task on their own. Originally, we didn’t call things do it yourself because we didn’t have the option to have someone else do them. This includes things like cooking, crafts, construction, car maintenance and so forth. It’s a concept that [...]

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Do Shorter Mortgages Make Sense?

Smarter mortgages are getting more research as buyers are looking for ways to cut down their loan period or payments. Financing is always a challenge in real estate and often the mistakes come when buyers are looking for the perfect loan for right now, instead of the perfect loan for the property. Yes, you [...]

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