4 Mistakes Realtors See Home Sellers Making

Home sellers are having quite the time, especially in certain parts of the country. Not happy with where you’re living? Select a new place, move out and then put your home up for sale. More than likely, it will be sold in less than a week for what you were asking for, as long [...]

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Breaking Down The Numbers Of Selling Your Home Now

How many debates have you had with yourself and your partner about selling your home? You probably still have a mortgage on it, and you’ve lived there less than ten years. You like your place, but it needs work and repairs will be extremely expensive right now. You are not sure what to do [...]

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Buying Vs Renting A Home In 2022

Are you debating on buying or renting a home right now? Prices are skyrocketing for both, and the availability is also a growing concern. How are you going to get a good deal right now, especially if you are moving to states like Florida and California. The growing cost of living isn’t keeping people from [...]

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4 Reasons You Need A Realtor

Remember when everyone did almost everything for themselves? It’s so rare these days that we now have a lifestyle category called DIY. The do-it-yourself enthusiasts boast their ability to do things for themselves. Lately, this has more to do with crafts or fixing up your home. However, some people try to expand the DIY [...]

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7 Tips For Selling Your Home In This Market

Selling a home right now is easier than selling a home at nearly any other time in recent history. The reason is because property values have steadily gone up and inventory remains lower than expected. People are looking for reasonably priced homes that they can afford, even if it’s higher than what they normally would [...]

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Why The Housing Market Will Remain Strong In 2022

The housing market is arguably stronger than it’s been in decades. In the early part of the century, prices got this high and higher. However, those prices were inflated by unrealistic lenders restrictions where people were able to borrow two or three times what they should have been able to borrow. The difference this time [...]

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Real Estate Expectations For 2022

2022 is already moving forward as quickly as 2021. We’re already into the second month of the year and it feels like the real estate market is about to take a major surge. Why? There are actually a variety of factors that are currently fueling the increase in home prices. Whether it’s a lack of [...]

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5 Beautiful Tacoma West End Beaches

Often when one dreams about beaches, crystal clear blue waters and palm trees swaying in the breeze come to mind.  Yet, when I dream of beaches, what I think of first are the multi-dimensional, robust, cool ruffly waters of the Puget Sound.  Pierce County Washington is home to some of the most amazing varietal beaches [...]

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