Mistakes Buyers Make When Interest Rates Are Higher

Whenever you are buying a home, there are plenty of opportunities to make mistakes. Some people make those mistakes well before the process even begins. When looking for a property, they focus on areas that do not make sense for them and areas they probably would never buy in. They also look at the [...]

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What We Don’t Know About How Taxes Work With Our Homes

Every year, millions of homeowners make the same mistakes over and over again. They pay their property taxes without even looking into why those figures are the way they are. While that may seem odd, it is actually something that people overlook. We simply think that the taxes are what the taxes are. However, [...]

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How Interest Rates Going Up Can Help Buyers

Now is not the best time for buyers to look at properties according to people who already have their own at rates they love. You want to buy and the fact that it is not in the best condition is not going to stop you. Yes, interest rates are up. However, there really are no [...]

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Why Buying With Inflated Interest Rates Can Be A Smart Move

Interest rates are shooting up to the highest numbers they’ve been in years. This means that borrowing money can be expensive, especially if you are interested in buying a home. So, what are your options when the rates go up? Should you rent for another year or two? Wait, this is actually how it works [...]

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Realtors Vs Real Estate Apps

Technology has become the way we function in life. We wake up to our alarm clocks and immediately grab our phones. We look through emails, text messages, social media updates and plenty of other things as we begin the day. Our phones get more attention that our work on most days and that fact [...]

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5 Tips Realtors Offer To Land Your Ideal House

You want your dream house but you are not sure how to get it, especially without overpaying. That’s going to be a challenge but there are ways to get what you want. The first thing to remember is to always work with a realtor. Trying to handle real estate matters yourself could lead to major [...]

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Why Realtors Are Optimistic About The Housing Market

Everywhere you look, the outlook seems bleak. It’s almost as if some people are hoping for a recession either to cool down prices or just so they can win an argument with someone. These are strange times and people seem certain that housing markets are heading for a correction. Even a 20% downturn, a modest [...]

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What Do Homeowners Look For In Buyers

It’s an interesting thing, buying someone’s home. Even in a market where the buyer has advantages, the seller still will make the decision influenced by their emotions. The decision to sell one’s home is never easy, especially if you’ve been there for years. A lot of work goes into selling a home and if people [...]

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Why You Should Put 20% Down On Your Home, And Not A Penny More

It seems like everyone wants to give you advice based on something they do not have experience with. Have you ever noticed that the people who tell you how to best care for your house live in an apartment or condo? Or that the people who give you the most financial advice are the ones [...]

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Why Renting Issues Are Helping Homeowners Bank

If there is one thing we can say about ourselves over the last two or three years is that we have become innovative as a community. Covid, economic turmoil and plenty of other challenges have made the last two or three years some of the most chaotic in recent memory. The housing market seems to [...]

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