5 Beautiful Tacoma West End Beaches

Often when one dreams about beaches, crystal clear blue waters and palm trees swaying in the breeze come to mind.  Yet, when I dream of beaches, what I think of first are the multi-dimensional, robust, cool ruffly waters of the Puget Sound.  Pierce County Washington is home to some of the most amazing varietal beaches [...]

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The History behind this House…8314 Leona Way SW, Lakewood, WA

Once upon a time, there was a couple who decided to move to Washington State in 1969 and settle in a darling little 4 bedroom, 1 bathroom home amongst a quaint community called Lakewood.  This family soon grew and with great fortune, heard the pitter-patter of feet running about the house and backyard oasis.  The [...]

Does it pencil out?

With available, 'homes for sale,' inventory levels below 4% at this time, keeping in mind 6% inventory is historically a balance point between supply and demand, you might think there would not be enough houses out there to quench the thirst of both individual buyers vs investors. Not so, it seems home buyers continue to [...]

Tell me more about ‘Split-Level’ homes

The history of the 'Split-level' is somewhat split as architects and those that study when types or personality structures came into being, are parked in a couple of different camps. The one fact most seem to agree upon is that the 'Split-level,' came into being in the 20th Century.  On one end, the Split-level is [...]

Coming Home

For many years I traveled internationally for work anywhere from 2 weeks to 1 month at a time hopping from country to country.  I experienced political upheaval and riots, limited service of the mere basics of life and the difference in public service protection application (police, fire and military). The opportunity to absorb the beauty [...]

Parallels of Structures

  Have you ever given much thought to the parallels between our own progressively aging physiological structures and that of the many 100+ year old homes in the Pacific Northwest?   As I sat in silence today in a beautiful old, nearly 100 year tenured Northend treasure, I could almost hear the generations of laughter [...]

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Sometimes you just gotta ‘Dig’ it !!!

Once in a while, at a place not so far away, there are moments of peace, snuffing wafts of fragrant flowers and snuggling with little doggies.  There is a place I recently visited on Vashon Island called, 'Dig.'  It is this wonderful, artsy, warm and amazing nursery not too far from the Ferry dock after [...]

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