7 Ways To Lower The Monthly Costs On A New Home

People will buy homes this year at higher interest rates than anyone has paid in over a decade. They will also pay more for a property than anyone else has in that neighborhood, ever. The real estate market is in a unique place right now as prices and rates are up but inventory is down. [...]

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Do Realtors Handle Renting Situations, If So, What Will They Do?

Investing in your own house is smart. But what if you want to invest in another property? There are plenty of people who have found advantages in owning multiple properties. Many will flip these properties within a period of a year or two, making the needed improvements and trying to get as quick a return [...]

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Does It Make Sense To Keep A Mortgage?

While millions of people are trying to figure out how to pay their mortgage, there are a large group of homeowners who are debating whether or not they should pay theirs off early. People who have owned their home for over a decade are finding their mortgage situation to be in really great shape, especially [...]

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Breaking Down Your Home As A Long-term Investment

Regardless of your intentions for a new home, each property has to be treated like an investment. There are plenty of people who have purchased a property with the intent for it to be a short-term option, but ended up staying with the property for years and even decades. For whatever reason plans change. However, [...]

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Why, “Sell Now, Rent For A Year” Has Become A Popular Homeowner Strategy

Homeowners are debating what to do with their properties, whether they should sell them or hang on. Every person has to make their own decision based on their situation. However, looking at the current condition of the market can give you insight as to whether or not selling your property right now is a [...]

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Thinking Long-term, Buy Now, Save On Possible Dip?

What should you do right now if you are thinking about buying a home? Should you wait? Should you just go through with it now? What will the market be like in a year, five years or ten years? The truth is that no one knows and even the experts are struggling to guess [...]

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How Home Inventory Problems May Lead To Construction Boom

Home prices and interest rates are on the up swing and it doesn’t seem like that will stop anytime soon. People have talked about Covid, labor and material shortages, early retirement and other issues that have forced the cost of living to skyrocket over the last five years. However, there’s one main factor that [...]

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How Interest Rate Increase Benefits Home Sellers With Patience

You do not have to be a financial advisor to know that interest rates keep going up which means for home buyers and sellers, things are about to get more expensive. Buyers are concerned because the cost to cover a mortgage may be much higher than they planned and the inflated rates could push [...]

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5 Areas New Homebuyers Struggle With

Buying your first home? Get ready to make important decisions without knowing what you are doing. This is an experience many become overwhelmed with because of the number of things you need to take into consideration. On one hand, is the financial aspect of the decision. Can you afford this property, what’s it going to [...]

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10 Questions To Ask When Interviewing A Realtor To Sell Your Home

Whenever you’re interviewing someone, the goal is to really find out two things, who the person is and how they can help you. The same goes for whenever you are hiring a realtor. Whether you are planning to sell your home or are looking to buy one, you need the help of an experienced and [...]

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