Those looking to buy a new property in 2022 are noticing things a lot different than in 2017 as an example. In that year, buyers still had a bit of an advantage. They were able to be more cautious with their purchases as prices were just about to start spiking up. The fact is that the rules have changed if you are buying and you are now at a disadvantage thanks to increasing prices, low inventory, major competition and more. Here are some of the most common mistakes potential home buyers make that you need to avoid: 

  • Not being preapproved: Your income does not matter if you are not preapproved. The fact is that inventory is low, and homeowners are going to get what they want, if not more when it comes to offers. Because of that, you need to have all your ducks in a row when you make your offer, otherwise you will probably miss out on the property you want. Get all your financials together, work with a lender and make yourself as qualified a candidate as possible. 
  • Trying to low bid: Once you are ready to make an offer, do not try and go too low. Again, homeowners are getting what they are asking for or more. That means a low bid could cost you a chance to get the property. There are cases when this strategy can be effective, but this market is not really the right one for those trying to get the lowest price possible. 
  • Looking for the perfect home: As you are scouring the web for your next potential home, you have to keep in mind that you are not going to find the perfect property. Every house needs work and things about it are not going to meet your standards. For example, you may want a 3/2 with a pool but the neighborhood you are looking at only has a 2/2 available and no pool. That neighborhood is at the top of your list of where you want to live for a variety of reasons. If you find a home that is clean, ready to move into with minimal work and things like an extra bedroom and pool are wanted for luxury instead of necessity, you may want to relax on your requests and just find the best quality home in your price range and target area. 
  • Checking one website: A common mistake new buyers make is that they check one site. Yes, most listings are going to be on the top sites. However, the hidden gems are not going to be on the sites that are checked by most buyers each day. They are going to be available on sites that feature local realtors and community information. 
  • Buying accessories before closing: One of the biggest mistakes buyers make is that once they have an agreement in place for a property, they begin making major purchases before the property is closed on. These purchases impact your credit and your monthly expenses. These changes could impact the agreement you have with your lender and have been known to cause a deal on a property to not go through. Avoid making big purchases until you close on the house, even on furniture. 

A good idea is to take some time and speak to your realtor about what you need to do in order to be a better candidate as a home buyer. Their experience can give you important insight into what you need to do to improve your chances of landing the best property available. If you are not sure where to begin, start with your realtor and also your lender. They will work with you to figure out how to improve your chances of getting the property you want.