Selling your home can be a challenge, especially in a competitive market where interest rates are high and qualified buyers are becoming more and more scarce. Two years ago, someone could list their house and within three days, get an offer at or above asking price. Now, you have to wait longer as investors and potential buyers need to review the property and see if the financing will work for them. While you may not be thrilled about the added time, this does give you the best chance of getting at or near asking price on the property. 

Another advantage that comes with selling a home in the current market is that inventory is still drastically low. That means that even if home sales cool off, your property will still be in high demand and that gives you the advantage of selling when you want. It also means that you have to set realistic goals and expectations. 

How To Sell Your House In Under 90 Days 

Before deciding to put your home on the market, you need to look at different homes in your area to determine what a fair price is. Your house will be viewed by thousands of people once it’s listed. However, any real interest will come from the location, price you set, the quality of the property and when it can be viewed. Here’s how to get your property sold as quickly as possible. 

  1. Move out before listing: Yes, this may seem like an added expense and challenge but you should consider moving out before you list. An open, empty house tends to sell faster because buyers can see the property, not your furniture. 
  2. Work on the lawn: If the lawn is subpar it can drive down the value of the entire property and turn away potential buyers. Investing a day or two into your lawn before you list can make the sale of the property go much faster. This could include major tree removal, putting down new sod or other things to make important upgrades. 
  3. Clean everything: Do it yourself or hire a cleaning crew but you want the house to be cleaner than ever when people walk through it. Yes, a bit of dust and dirt is not going to get people to leave, but it will make them think the house is less valuable than it is. Would you want to spend $400,000 on something that is dirty and filthy? 
  4. Repair what’s glaring: Are there leaks in the roof? Does the shower take too long to produce hot water? Is the sink not working properly? What about that light you never got fixed? These are the repairs that you have been putting off for years and now your choices are to do them or to allow them to be reasons why your property value goes down. Remember, a buyer is looking for any reason to cut down on your original asking price, even if it’s reasonable. 
  5. Be upfront about issues: What’s wrong with the property that needs to be addressed now or in a couple of years? Knowing these issues ahead of time actually builds trust with a buyer and shows that you are trying to be fair and upfront. It also gets rid of those who are not serious about the property and allows you to focus on those who really want to buy it. 
  6. Be flexible in pricing: If you list your property for $400,000, be prepared to have an offer less than that. How much less? Who knows, but if it is reasonable for you, would you take it? You cannot answer that question now, but it’s a good question to think about because it will be a decision you need to make, especially if you want to offload the property sooner rather than later. 
  7. Advertise on social media and apps: If your realtor is not, list the property on social media, in local groups and on real estate apps. This is the easiest, and free way, to advertise your property and get thousands of more people looking at it. However, make sure there is a place for them to contact that does not include your personal information, otherwise be prepared for a lot of calls and messages. 
  8. Allow visits throughout the week: Serious buyers do not like open houses. They want time to walk through a room and look at stuff without being bothered by others. They want the ability to walk around the property, hear the noise in the neighborhood, ask questions and get information at their pace. If buyers are asking for private tours, allow it, especially if your realtor can handle it. 
  9. Upgrade certain appliances: How old is the stove or dishwasher? What about the refrigerator and the washing machine? Are your appliances on their last legs because that may be something a buyer is not interested in covering, especially if they have to do so in order to buy the home. Upgrading your appliances before listing the house may be a great idea, especially if you can get it done quickly. 
  10. Work with a realtor: If you are serious about selling your house within 90 days you need to work with a realtor as quickly as possible. Even if you are weeks from listing, invite them to the property, get their recommendations and ask them questions on what it will take to get your property to sell quickly. Their experience will be valuable here and they will also know your motivation when managing potential buyers. 

Working with an experienced realtor can make all the difference in the world. However, they will also help you to set realistic expectations, not only on the value of the property but also what to expect from the current buyers market. If there’s a way to sell your property quickly, your realtor will be the one to figure it out. That’s why working with one is important and the sooner you get started with them, the faster your property has a chance to sell.