For those that are boaters, fisherman, water lovers and appreciators of great food, landing at the Narrows Marina, Bait shop, Brewery and Boathouse 19 Restaurant will find you doing the happy dance.  If you are coming through the South Puget Sound via boat,  you can stop to refuel right at the dock, hop off and load up with bait, ice or, take a moment from the roll of the wave to have an incredible meal at the Boathouse 19.  Not to mention, for you beer lovers, the Narrows Brewing Company has its own tasting room to tantalize your taste buds!narrows4

When I was around 7 or 8, I vividly recall walking along the docks at the Narrows Marina, peering into the sardine bait pens (I think they were sardines, they always looked like the little fishies squished into a can with oil all over them that Mom called sardines).  We used to watch as the seagulls and seabirds danced around following some small boats into the marina after a productive day of fishing begging for a scaly niblet and settling for a bob through a hole in one of the bait pen nets carelessly left open by an attendant.

If you choose to come to the Marina, restaurant, tasting room or brewery on foot or vehicle, there is tons of parking and even outdoor seating for sunshine dining.  Kids get a chance to explore the dock and marvel at the view of the Narrows Bridge from this protected boat haven.  The Narrows Marina has been family owned and operated since 1949 with the more recent additions of the Boathouse 19 restaurant and Narrows Brewery.