I Have A Low Interest Rate On My Mortgage, What Can I Do?

The housing market has cooled off of late, mostly due to the high interest rates. Someone buying a home for $500,000 can still afford the payments, but not with higher interest rates adding on hundreds of dollars to each month's bills. The challenge for buyers is not finding the right property or even settling on [...]

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Why Condos Are A Smart Alternative To Apartments

Condos have not been treated like an investment opportunity in the past. If you want to make money in real estate, you need to look at houses and commercial properties. That thinking has changed of late, not only because houses have become so expensive, but because condos have improved as far as quality and square [...]

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15 Questions For Realtors On Your Initial Interview

Meeting with realtors is an important first step. You should meet with someone before you decide to buy or sell and especially before you start listing your property or house hunting. The reality is that time and time again people try to skip steps and get going with their own strategies before bringing in [...]

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Should You Sell This Summer?

We’re nearing the end of March and it’s amazing how fast this year is flying by. Summer is almost here and with that comes some big decisions for a lot of people. With the school year ending, families may be deciding whether or not to sell their home this summer and move to another part [...]

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How Home Sellers Are Utilizing Their Mortgage Rates

How long has your house been on the market? A month, two months or longer? The reality is that homes are sitting on the market for months right now and that’s something we have not seen in years. Inventory numbers are increasing and prices are even dropping a bit. The problem for sellers is that [...]

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Where Are Home Values At In March 2024

How much are homes worth right now? Over the last several years, neighborhoods have seen home prices shoot to record highs. Even better, it’s been easier than ever to sell your property. However, recently things have changed significantly and that’s due to interest rates. With higher interest rates, buying has slowed down, but not [...]

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9 Reasons To Buy A House This Year

You should not buy a house this year. That’s correct, if you are not ready, if you have not spoken with a realtor, gotten your finances together including your credit and income-to-debt ratio, you should not purchase a home. However, if you are ready, really ready, there’s no reason why you should not buy in [...]

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Is Commercial Property A Smart Investment Right Now?

Commercial real estate is a funny subject right now. What makes it funny is that the advice you see is both wrong, and right. How can that be? For example, if someone tells you that commercial real estate is a good long-term investment, they are right. However, that does not mean that it is a [...]

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Can You Sell Your House Right Now?

Is your house listed for sale or you are thinking about listing it? You may be hesitant because you’ve noticed the signs on your neighbors lawns, and they’ve been there a while. Can you sell your house right now? Regardless of the plan you have for what to do and where to live after, you [...]

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